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The purpose of the Alliance for International Monasticism is

  • To foster alliances and communication between and among monasteries throughout the world, in order to educate one another to local, cultural, and global issues
  • To form linkages among monasteries for the sake of ongoing cooperation and support
  • To strengthen developing communities so that they can make meaningful contributions to the societies in which they exist and to the development of global peace and human community
  • To help first world communities respect, appreciate, and learn from developing monasteries
  • To provide monetary assistance in the form of grants and Mass stipends
  • To provide educational assistance in the form of books and newsletters

AIM USA is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is composed of nine members who represent male and female, Cistercian and Benedictine monasteries. The prioress/abbot of the hosting monastery is a non-voting Board member as is the executive director. The Board of Trustees meets annually.

Click here for the current Board of Trustees.

Visit the website of AIM, parent organization of AIM USA. 


Sister Theresa Zoky, OSB
Executive Director
Theresa Zoky, OSBSister Theresa collaborates with and acts as liaison between AIM USA and the AIM International Office in Vanves, France as one of its nine country secretariats. She is a member of the AIM International Council and is responsible for implementing the mission of AIM USA. Together with the staff, she works to achieve the goals of AIM USA.

Sister Therese Glass, OSB
Therese Glass, OSBSister Therese is coordinator of the Missionary Cooperative Program (MCP) which facilitates mission appeals for AIM USA in dioceses within the U.S. She also assists with the Cultural Services Program which collects and distributes books to monasteries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In addition, Sister Therese aids in the publication of the newsletter, with filing, updates to directories and the AIM USA website.

Sister Ann Hoffman, OSB
Office Manager/Secretary
Ann Hoffman, OSBSister Ann coordinates the Monastery to Monastery program that offers monasteries in the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to support monasteries in developing countries. She also coordinates the distribution of Mass Stipends. Sister Ann maintains the database and financial records and helps in the production of the newsletter and the updating of the website.