Who Supports AIM USA?

AIM USA receives much of its financial support from United States monasteries. 100 Benedictine and Cistercian/Trappist Monasteries in the United States contribute to the Alliance for International Monasticism by membership in the Monastery to Monastery program and by participating in the annual Lenten Appeal. Oblates and associates, lay members of monasteries, also contribute to the work of AIM.

Since we are the only men's Benedictine community in Texas, the opportunity to preach the AIM Appeal each year is accepted gladly. Not only do we feel more connected with the worldwide monastic family but we are able to explain monastic life to those who have not had the chance to experience it locally. The response that we get from the people in the parishes both in prayer and funds is truly heartening. Once they know of the growth of the monastic life in the third world they respond as St. Paul urged the Christians of his day to meet the needs of fellow disciples. It is also a great opportunity to ask for vocations and prayer for our local community! We look forward to next year's AIM Appeal.

Fr. Peter Funk, OSB

Each year when I prepare the talk, I am reminded that as a Benedictine sister I am part of a much larger network of men and women religious. I may never meet the men and women in the communities whose stories I share– but we are connected. Connected through our common goal of seeking God in community, carrying out the work of God in our monasteries, and being the hands of Christ to each life we touch. The talks are one way I can support these communities. Giving the AIM mission talks is a way of giving back. The German roots of my community remind me that we once were a missionary community who benefited from the support, effort, and generosity of others. Giving mission talks provides a way for me to support the efforts of AIM to provide opportunities for communities to grow and thrive.

Kimberly Porter, OSB

Anyone interested in having a speaker on Alliance for International Monasticism,
please contact AIM USA.

There are over 3500 laypersons on the AIM USA mailing list who are interested in promoting monastic life in Africa, Asia and Latin America.