AIM USA Translators

AIM International is asking for assistance with the translation of articles in the French, Spanish and English editions of its Bulletin.

The Bulletin is published three times a year, averaging 100-120 pages. Articles are of varying length.

The International Bulletin endeavors to be a link between monastic communities of the Benedictine, Cistercian and Trappist traditions. It provides a forum for the exchange of information and discussion on monastic life today and in the future.

Contact AIM USA for further information:

Tel: 814-453-4724
Fax: 814-459-8066

It is my pleasure to be a translator for AIM-USA newsletter. I have been doing this work since I was in the Novitiate. I do appreciate it! Besides contributing to AIM, it is really great to learn about the monastic life around the world.

AIM USA always helps our monastery, sending books, magazines, which increase our library so much. Each translation is an opportunity to thank for this generosity.

Also, it is so good to know that many more people could read the newsletter in their own language. I hope to continue contributing for this valuable work.

Sister Cristina Lavinhati,OSB
Mosteiro Nossa Senhora da Paz
Itapecerica da Serra - SP - Brazil

I was eight years old when I first discovered I loved languages. I realized I could travel to foreign lands, to a quite new and different world, without getting out of my bedroom (or even out of my bed!). Each new word conveyed not only a different way of expressing an idea, but also a different feeling, a different culture and a different attitude toward reality, enabling me to live my own feelings, my own culture and my own language in a richer and deeper way. A translator is a builder of communion. He proves that different people have a single and same wish: to share the graces God grants them with all the world!

Brother Gabriel, OCSO