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Meet European Monasteries

  • On Friday, March 4th, the Sisters of Immaculate Conception Abbey in Ukraine had to flee the monastery in Zhytomyr due to Russian attacks in the area. They arrived safely in Lviv and are now at the monastery with the rest of their Benedictine sisters and brothers. They are about 30 miles from the border of Poland.

    They continue to receive and shelter migrants fleeing from Kiev, Mariupol and other destroyed cities. The number of migrants increases daily. They are sheltering over 150 people using every space in the monastery; over 50 are children, including at least one newborn. The guests, along with the sisters, assist in cooking and cleaning.

    A message from Mother Abbess Klara: "We sisters are very happy that we can help and serve the refugees .. and bring them joy .. after the horror of the war they went through here it seems to them that they are in paradise .. we try to provide them with everything they need .. we are not doing anything extraordinary .. we are doing what each of us would do .. we are glad that we are all here together…"

    Thank you for your prayers!

    Please continue to hold the Sisters and all the innocent people of Ukraine in prayer.
    Please pray for a cease fire- an end to this war.

    We are accepting donations for humanitarian aid for the Benedictines in Ukraine and those in the surrounding areas:
    Donate online indicate "Ukraine" in the special instructions.