Mass Stipends

Mission monasteries depend heavily on mass stipends as a means of livelihood. AIM USA sends $10,000 in mass stipends each year, to both male and female monasteries. The stipends are forwarded to the monasteries and the masses are offered within a short amount of time.

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Mass Stipends

The office of AIM USA has been sending Mass stipends to Benedictine, Trappist and Cistercian monasteries in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1992.

These stipends are extremely important to our mission monasteries, as can be seen in excerpts from some of the many thank you letters we receive:

These Mass stipends will be used for the education of the poor children around our monastery, in the school run by the monks and for the medical treatment of the poor patients who come to our clinic. Stephen Johnson, OSB, India

The Mass stipends we get from you are very important because the priests who offer Mass for us use the money to help many poor families, students or unemployed parents. Sr. Henriette Kalmago, OSB, Burkina Faso

We will use the mass stipend money to help pay for the new organ in our church. Father Bernardo Bonowitz, OCSO, Brazil

The mass stipends came at a particularly important point as we have extra expenses as one of our sisters is seriously ill. Besides the Mass, the sisters say special prayers for the donors. Madre Maria Isabel Guiroy, OSB, Argentina

The Masses will be celebrated in our chapel and the stipends will be well used to pay the pharmacy as we had to buy many medicines this past month. Abbot Edmilson Amador Caetano, OCist, Brazil

The stipend money comes from individuals, monasteries, organizations and individual priests. Often a monastery gives information about AIM USA to a parish or diocese, which then sends mass stipends to AIM USA. Any size donation is welcome.

Thank you for the mass stipends. We will have the masses offered for the intentions of those who donated the money and the money will help us with our hospice in Misrod, a home for the poor who are in need of food, shelter and medical care. We pick them up from the streets, railway stations, bus stands, etc. We give them a new life in our home.

Sr. Arpitha, OSB
Mariabhavan Convent
Misrod, India

Your financial assistance with Mass Stipends has brought a notable improvement to the community of Katibunga, which has become a center to the lives of the people in the area. With it we managed to make a cement block bridge to the monastery and parish church; built water furrows for irrigation and personal uses; planting of trees to counter the deforestation all around us.

Fr. Willibrord Nzota, OSB, prior
Katibunga, Zambia

We wish to acknowledge gratefully the generous amount for Mass Stipends. Indeed, this is a great help for us to regularly have Eucharistic Celebration in our chapel where attendance of mass goers from neighboring homes is increasing. Our chaplains are particularly assisted too, in their traveling expenses to reach our place.

M. Waldetrudis Cartalla, OSB
Congregational Central House
Quezon City, Philippines

We have received your check for Mass Stipends which you so kindly sent us. We hereby confirm that masses are said for the intentions of those who have donated the money. The area where our monastery is situated has many poor people and we try in our own way to be of assistance to them. For the past few years, we've been using the money from mass intentions to provide financial aid, medicine, etc. for these poor neighbors. Please convey our gratitude to the donors and assure them of our prayers.

Fr. Yesudas Thelliyil, OSB, abbot
Kurisumala Ashram
Kerala, India

We received with great pleasure the mass stipends from AIM USA. We are a small community of 21 professed members and our life is a little difficult in spite of our efforts to produce eggs, milk and jam. We provide Mass for the sisters and other close neighbors. The precariousness of the country makes mass stipends modest and rare. We are grateful for the material aid you send us and for the prayers of the monasteries and friends in the United States—this encourages us.

Abbot André Ouédraogo, OSB
Abbaye Saint Benoit de Koubri
Burkina Faso

With joy we have received the check for mass stipends. With that money we can help some poor people who come to the monastery. Lastly we must help some women victims of abuses and their children. They have only their clothes and nothing more. We give them beds and other needful things. We are also very thankful for the books, always welcome in our library. In our country good books are very dear and we cannot buy them.

Hna. María Teresa Ferrari, OSB
Monasterio N. S. de la Esperanza
Rafaela, Argentina

the mass stipends we received are a great help to cover our provision expenses which have become unbearable. Although we have a small piece of land we can produce vegetables only in rainy season; in dry season we cannot produce anything.

Abbot Woldetensae Balewold, OCist
Cistercian Monastery of the Holy Trinity
Hosanna, Ethiopia