Theresa Zoky, OSB

Executive Director of the Alliance for International Monasticism

Dear friends of AIM,

"The whole world was gathered up before his eyes in what appeared to be a single ray of light."

This is how Gregory the Great describes a pivotal graced moment in his story of Benedict's life. This vision of Benedict where he beheld all creation in a single ray of light has inspired thousands of followers through the ages. We are blessed to belong to a monastic order that spans the centuries as well as the globe. We believe that we are all part of one interdependent whole.

This vision of wholeness and interconnectedness is at the heart of AIM's mission. For almost 40 years AIM USA has been connecting monastic communities in the U.S. and Canada with Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. AIM provides spiritual, educational and building assistance to monasteries in developing countries to enable them to be centers of life for others. These mission monasteries enrich their brothers and sisters here in the U.S. and Canada with global vision, fresh insights into monastic life and gospel witness of service to the poor. Over the years of working together friendships have been formed and a new appreciation of cultural diversity has grown. As we share the Benedictine tradition we strengthen our bonds and deepen our understanding of the monastic charism.

On these pages we share with you some of the many ways in which we connect with monastics around the world. All of this is possible because of your donations and your commitment and love for our global family. Thank you for your active engagement in the mission of AIM USA.

Theresa Zoky, OSB
Executive Director, AIM USA