Meet the Staff of AIM USA

Sister Theresa Zoky, OSB
Executive Director, AIM USA

Sister Theresa Zoky, a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, accepted the position of Executive Director of the AIM USA Secretariat in 2014. She succeeded Sister Susan Stephanie, OSB, who served in that position for four years.

Sister Therese Glass, OSB

In August 2011 Sister Thereses Glass,OSB, became a member of the AIM USA staff. For 30 years she had taught In elementary education in parochial and public schools. She also worked at Saint Benedict Education Center as an instructor and intake coordinator with a program for refugees. As part of AIM USA's Women's Commission for Africa she travelled to Tanzania with Sister Marian Wehler where they initiated an English program for African sisters. In 2010 Sister Therese also travelled to Honduras where she visited many health and educational programs for children and adults. These international opportunities have enriched the life of Sister Therese who hopes to incorporate these experiences into her ministry at AIM USA. Therese is responsible for the Propagation of the Faith Missionary Appeal program.

Sheila McLaughlin, Oblate OSB

Sheila McLaughlin, an oblate with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, oversees AIM USA's Mass stipend distribution and is responsible for all data entry and financial record keeping. As an oblate, she especially enjoys the contact with monasteries throughout the world. Sheila has been a member of the AIM staff since 2005.