AIM International

The parent organization of AIM USA was founded in 1960 by the International Confederation of Benedictine Abbots at their Congress of Abbots meeting.

At its founding, the acronym AIM stood for AID for Implanting Monasticism. Its purpose was to encourage the establishment of monastic communities in developing countries. Monastic communities referred to are those that follow the Rule of Benedict — Benedictine, Cistercian and Trappist.

Alliance for International Monasticism has become the official name for AIM internationally and at national levels in 2000 to better foster a spirit of alliance and mutuality among the 400 monasteries in Asia, Africa and Latin America and those in the western nations.

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Father Martin and Sister Gisela

Father Martin Neyt, OSB, President of AIM
administers the International office
with the assistance of Sister Gisela Happ, OSB, Secretary General.

The AIM International Council

The five main objectives of AIM are as follows:

  1. To foster co-operation and solidarity among monastic communities throughout the world.
  2. To support the development of monastic life in different cultures. Mutual reflection on these forms of life will be an aid to uncovering the meaning of monastic life and the manner in which it should be rooted in the cultures of the world
  3. To provide a centre for the communication of information with regard to possible monastic foundations. With the collaboration of the Abbot Primate and the Superiors General of the monastic Orders, AIM has up-to-date information concerning aid, solidarity and formation in the monasteries.
  4. To heighten awareness of monastic life throughout the world, both within the monasteries themselves, in the Church and in society at large. AIM maintains contact with MID, the dialogue between Christian monasticism and other non-Christian forms of monastic life.
  5. To encourage the creation of new structures for human, Christian and monastic formation.